twelve sticks

Our project was to design a container for twelve sticks. With my struggle for the first project we were assigned, I had no idea how I was supposed to do this project either. The day we were assigned the project I walked along College Ave, and searched around for twelve sticks that I thought were interesting. There were these sticks that looked like little trees, with little twigs sprouting off like branches. I collected them and then spent the next day drawing them. I began to brainstorm ideas of how I was going to incorporate paper and a binding agent. The sticks that I had chosen were so delicate and fragile, I had to think of someway to incorporate paper that would not break the sticks. I decided on somehow incorporating delicate twists of paper into the sticks to somehow reflect the sticks' delicacy. I then used wire as the binding agent to contrast how fragile the sticks were. I did not put much thought into how to arrange the wire on the project so I just randomly tied the sticks together. After being critiqued, I decided to wrap the sticks in paper to create a secure feeling for the fragile sticks.  I then carefully braided the wire and then wrapped it around the sticks to have a more structured, sound container. It had the same twists as the sticks, but it made the sticks have a safer place. I was much more pleased with this project.

Sketch Model: View 1
Sketch Model: View 2
Original Design: View 1
Original Design: View 2
Final Design: Entire view
Final Design: Entire view 2
Final Design: Close-up
Final Design: Paper view
Final Design: Wire View