Final Luminaire.

This entire project process was a series of ups and downs for me. I struggled through this project but I also encountered many times where I was very happy with the direction that I was headed in. Let me show you my development process.
Step One: I began making different model types to figure out how I wanted my light effect displayed. I used cardboard for my first model, just to fool around with the shape.
Step Two: I then began to mess around with materials and shapes to create light affect that I wanted.

My inspiration was light through a spiderweb.
I came up with this type of design for my light effect. The spaces where light was coming through were too big, so the shapes I was going for were not as defined as I would have liked them to be.
I finally achieved the light effect that I wanted. I like the soft glow, and how in the center of the web, it is more defined, and it starts to fade out.