restaurant design: harold dieterle

final project:

final renderings:

front exterior

ground level

mezzanine level


private dining


floor plans:



Harold Dieterle, born in 1977, was the winner of the first Top Chef competition. Dieterle received his culinary degree at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, and proceeded to work several different cooking jobs years after. In 2004, Dieterle went on a sabbatical to Thailand where he studied South East Asian cuisine and culture. His studies from his sabbatical are most influential on his dishes. Also, Dieterle’s sabbatical location directly influences the concept for the restaurant design. Today, Dieterle owns two different restaurants in NYC, Perilla and Kin Shop.

The concept for the proposed restaurant, Banaue, is the Banaue Rice Terraces. These terraces are located in South East Asia, from which most of Dieterle’s culinary inspiration is derived. The concept is reflected throughout the restaurant: mainly on the stairs, walls, and bar. The concept also greatly contributes to the color scheme and materials are chosen to be placed throughout the space. The open restaurant space is designed with asymmetrical, continuous, and horizontal principles; as well as earth-tone colors, horizontal straight lines, and layered elements.